Larry Burbano

Co-Founder / Board Member
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    7 Years

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Larry Burbano, one of the Co-Founders of P4D, is an IT entrepreneur professional born in, Colombia who believes in sports as a tool for achieving development in youth generations. 7 years ago, Larry was part of the idea of forming an initiative to use sports events as a way to raise funds for investing in projects that contribute to youth development in low income communities, in Latin American countries. This initiative had turn now into Play 4 Development non-profit. Larry is a passionate and fanatical soccer player who had been involved in many major soccer events in the DC Area and volunteered contributing in the education and formation of young people, teaching those values and integrity to become better citizens. Larry is an active board member and Fundraising Development Officer of P4D and have the dream to give children a safe place to practice their favorite sport.

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